Thursday, 31 May 2012


Last day of May. This month give me a lot surprise , it's a memorable month tho. It's the month that I saw you back after so long. Even tho we are in the same country LOL ! This month teach me a lot too. It teach me how important someone can be in your life. Never be afraid !
 Don't be afraid. The world is a beautiful !

Remember this my friend ! 

Yeah , we all face problem everyday , every moment , every minutes , every second. Nobody gonna help you , someone will loss faith on you , but the most important is never loss FAITH in yourself ! If you do , nobody will ! Everyone gonna pull you down , no one gonna pity you. You see , in life you can't get the thing you wanted the most without you yourself putting some effort on it. Nothing is free. Once there a said ''Live without regret''. I bet all of you know that. 

So what's the point become so unhappy when things pull you down ?

A smile costs nothing but gives much :)

Monday, 28 May 2012


Today i gonna blog about Time past and people change.

Every person change because they all learn something new in their life. Feeling change , emotional change , relationship change. Everything change. We often change because we all wanted to be perfect. Everyone want to be perfect. Perfect in all ways. Well , if you wanted to be perfect you have to pay the high price and not all human can do that. Did you change ? Ask yourself. :)

The most thing change in our life is our feeling toward someone. The best feeling and the worst feeling. Do you remember when it is the last time you fall so hard for someone ? Cried for weeks. Someone just cant get off your mind ? But now ? Do you feel same so ? Life move on. Everything move on. We can have the most sweetest conversation with someone we love but without the effort of giving and taking , trust me , nothing is gonna work.

Familiar with this ?

Sometimes life becomes too complicated and all you need is just to let it flow. Have a nice day ! :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

260519 ♥

LOL it was yesterday news but i update it today. Oh well , here we go.

I never knew that I will saw you again. Am i dreaming ? NO! It was you , it was you with your beautiful eyes and those beautiful smile. I never forget those eye that fall for. I was surprise when i saw you. You completely stop all my nerve. I don't know that did you even notice me or not but it's doesn't matter. All i knew is i get to see the person i fall so hard for and that will never change after so long. You made my day girl , you make me feel alive after those tired days. You gave me back my smile that lose long time ago. I'm not sure but i think i saw you looking at me when you was about to go off. Is that true ? I really hope so. I really miss you and I hope you hear it !

Have you ever crazy about a person so much ? But I do :)

ILY ! 

My life changed the minute I met you. ♥

Friday, 25 May 2012


Today I'm gonna write all about HOME. Home is a place where we all grow up and the place we all have the most memories. The first step of walk , the first word we ever said and the first place where we all feel love. Most of us never realize it , until one day we all gone away from home. Home is a place where we all gets to spend time with our love one. Do you ? I remember the first time my family and me played together in the backyard. Those time are invaluable. The moment where you can never buy. Home is the place where we hide from rain , sun , even the moon ! LOL  

Home is where all family members gather , spend time together , talk to each other.

Some country are fighting for shelter  to live.

Nowadays few people take care about their Home. Never appreciate the place. Why ? Because of busyness of work and life. We often forget the little thing that make our day good. A place where we can rest when we are tired. A place where protect us from coldness.

A song to introduce to you all , maybe you all heard it before but try to understand the lyrics. Enjoy !
Home by Westlife.

Remember guys , every little thing around us means a lot ! Have a nice weekend.


It's been day and night without you beside me. Where are you ? What you doing ? Millions of question are on my mind. You remember when we use to walk on the street together ? Holding hands and laugh ? Many people look at us and you just don't care. You told me 'I don't care others , i only care about you'. That's the most meaning full words you ever can get from someone that you love so much. Every couple in this world wants to feel that way. We act like best-friend yet we act like couples. It's always warm when you put your hand on me.

We went through many difficulty , we made it through together and now your gone. I just only can keep those memories inside of me and made it apart of me. Now I just only can walk all by myself , cold weather with a cold hand.


I'll be here when you come home , now and always will be.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


It's been awhile since you came through my mind. I don't know why but it's just suddenly pop out of my mind. You remember when we both were sitting on a bar and talk for whole night ? I beat you do because i wont ever forget about that. Your eyes and those beautiful smile , I MISS IT ! We talk about everything ! Everything we knew. 

Everything is gone now , time pass and human change. Have you change ? 

I always read our text even tho it's pass a long long time ago.
 Ps , I don't know there is something on my face and I'm a hungry guy that time.

It was cold without your hug.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hi everyone !

New blogger around !

First of all I would like to introduce myself , I'm a teenager with a bridge smile and a wild one.

I'm new in here so sorry for my bad English , will keep improving !

Once again Helloo everyone :)