Monday, 29 October 2012


Some people lives in a darkness life. Why would they do that ? Why would they keep their own life in dark place and keep their life in fear ? Maybe salvation on this earth are getting less and lesser. What if you saw an old lady on the street begging for food instead money ? Because she thinks money can't make her full in the stomach but money are the most evil things in the world ? Yes , money is important to keep life go on but humidity keep us human alive , don't you agree ? Think twice when you see other's life are in darkness while you enjoying your own life ? Why don't we color up there life too ?

Saturday, 27 October 2012


 Top : Ralph Lauren , Pants : Padini , Shoes : Everlast

Hi guys , I'm back. Everything is hard now , example 'LIFE'. Did life treat you good ? NO. Problem keep coming and many more but never give up because problem or mistake make us grow. Do you ever feel when someone special can in your life and make things hot and suddenly all when cold ? That person give you so much to remember but everything end up nothing ? If do comment below :) 
Have a nice weekend guys :) chaos

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


T-shirt from random shop , Pants : Seeds , Bag : Zinc , Shoes : Everlast

As you all can see my skin was in pink color. Under the sun for whole of the morning. Now my skin is burning and it's painful. It's was totally worth it. Having alot fun with friend. Life is short so play more :)