Saturday, 9 June 2012


I finally realize the differences of LIKE & LOVE. We can like anybody. We can like someone in a minutes , but it takes a special moment and the special one to make us fall in LOVE.

We can like a thousand people in our life but not love thousand people. Like is a feeling that we had in our self gain our interest or boring deem in our life. We often like our best friend because they are the one who close to us and always make us laugh , don't you think so ? But how many of us will fall in love with our best friend ? I can say that it's 30% out of 100%. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Love is a feeling that we all experience with the only special one. The one can make you do anything in unconditional. Love make us think a lot too. It's make us think about the future of our love one and our own. The life where you wanted to spend with. Everything seen worthless when both of us are together.  Sometimes it make us break into tears without any reason just because we feel something inside , but the tears are just worth it.

You can like 2 person in a time but not love 2 person in a time.

 Love can be explained through words but is better expressed through actions.

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