Friday, 25 May 2012


It's been day and night without you beside me. Where are you ? What you doing ? Millions of question are on my mind. You remember when we use to walk on the street together ? Holding hands and laugh ? Many people look at us and you just don't care. You told me 'I don't care others , i only care about you'. That's the most meaning full words you ever can get from someone that you love so much. Every couple in this world wants to feel that way. We act like best-friend yet we act like couples. It's always warm when you put your hand on me.

We went through many difficulty , we made it through together and now your gone. I just only can keep those memories inside of me and made it apart of me. Now I just only can walk all by myself , cold weather with a cold hand.


I'll be here when you come home , now and always will be.

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