Friday, 25 May 2012


Today I'm gonna write all about HOME. Home is a place where we all grow up and the place we all have the most memories. The first step of walk , the first word we ever said and the first place where we all feel love. Most of us never realize it , until one day we all gone away from home. Home is a place where we all gets to spend time with our love one. Do you ? I remember the first time my family and me played together in the backyard. Those time are invaluable. The moment where you can never buy. Home is the place where we hide from rain , sun , even the moon ! LOL  

Home is where all family members gather , spend time together , talk to each other.

Some country are fighting for shelter  to live.

Nowadays few people take care about their Home. Never appreciate the place. Why ? Because of busyness of work and life. We often forget the little thing that make our day good. A place where we can rest when we are tired. A place where protect us from coldness.

A song to introduce to you all , maybe you all heard it before but try to understand the lyrics. Enjoy !
Home by Westlife.

Remember guys , every little thing around us means a lot ! Have a nice weekend.

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