Sunday, 3 June 2012


Jealous always happen in relationship. Doesn't matter on the guy side or the girl side. It's always happen. Jealous happen when we saw the person which we care or love doing something with other person. For example laughing out loud , play games and many more.

Do you feel jealous when you saw your love one having fun with other people but not you ?

Jealous is a good thing tho , it's mean that you truly care for someone. But sometimes it cause pain too. The feeling that very pain yet hard to express out. We may break tears out , we may feel moody but most of all we CARE for the person.

Some said 'When women/girl get jealous , World war III gonna happen'. True ladies ?

For me jealously is a part of our daily life. We care , we love , we cry. You feel that , mean you are human ! LOL

 Well guys it's a short update. Update again when I'm free. :)

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