Thursday, 31 May 2012


Last day of May. This month give me a lot surprise , it's a memorable month tho. It's the month that I saw you back after so long. Even tho we are in the same country LOL ! This month teach me a lot too. It teach me how important someone can be in your life. Never be afraid !
 Don't be afraid. The world is a beautiful !

Remember this my friend ! 

Yeah , we all face problem everyday , every moment , every minutes , every second. Nobody gonna help you , someone will loss faith on you , but the most important is never loss FAITH in yourself ! If you do , nobody will ! Everyone gonna pull you down , no one gonna pity you. You see , in life you can't get the thing you wanted the most without you yourself putting some effort on it. Nothing is free. Once there a said ''Live without regret''. I bet all of you know that. 

So what's the point become so unhappy when things pull you down ?

A smile costs nothing but gives much :)

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