Sunday, 27 May 2012

260519 ♥

LOL it was yesterday news but i update it today. Oh well , here we go.

I never knew that I will saw you again. Am i dreaming ? NO! It was you , it was you with your beautiful eyes and those beautiful smile. I never forget those eye that fall for. I was surprise when i saw you. You completely stop all my nerve. I don't know that did you even notice me or not but it's doesn't matter. All i knew is i get to see the person i fall so hard for and that will never change after so long. You made my day girl , you make me feel alive after those tired days. You gave me back my smile that lose long time ago. I'm not sure but i think i saw you looking at me when you was about to go off. Is that true ? I really hope so. I really miss you and I hope you hear it !

Have you ever crazy about a person so much ? But I do :)

ILY ! 

My life changed the minute I met you. ♥

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