Monday, 28 May 2012


Today i gonna blog about Time past and people change.

Every person change because they all learn something new in their life. Feeling change , emotional change , relationship change. Everything change. We often change because we all wanted to be perfect. Everyone want to be perfect. Perfect in all ways. Well , if you wanted to be perfect you have to pay the high price and not all human can do that. Did you change ? Ask yourself. :)

The most thing change in our life is our feeling toward someone. The best feeling and the worst feeling. Do you remember when it is the last time you fall so hard for someone ? Cried for weeks. Someone just cant get off your mind ? But now ? Do you feel same so ? Life move on. Everything move on. We can have the most sweetest conversation with someone we love but without the effort of giving and taking , trust me , nothing is gonna work.

Familiar with this ?

Sometimes life becomes too complicated and all you need is just to let it flow. Have a nice day ! :)

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